Dating with someone suffering from mental illness: This is the right way to get started.

Be honest, no matter what it takes. When you interact with someone, you should be open and honest about your self. Honesty can make a difference, whether you are putting up a profile on the internet or going in depth with someone who has a disability. Talk openly with your partner about your disability without hiding anything. Talk to your partner if you feel it might affect your relationship in future. Don’t hide your handicaps and don’t pretend to be someone else.

Talking about your disability when you are looking for a partner will require courage. Many people use disability dating websites to find the right partner. These sites allow you to start by sending an email, a text message or a phone call. It all depends on each person’s ability. You get to know your date better before you actually meet up. You should be open about your disability dating sites when you tell your date. It is best to tell your date the truth before you go out.

No matter how easy the date may seem, you should be prepared to be judged for your handicaps. However, it should not stop you from moving forward. It is best to not let others use your handicaps while you judge them. You may find that things begin to work out and you share common interests. If you find yourself suddenly being ignored because you have shared your disability, it is time to move on. These people are not worth your effort and time.

If you’re on disability dating, you should accept the help of your date. If you must decline, do so politely. Although disabled people prefer independence, some do enjoy being accompanied by their partner. It is okay to ask your date for help.

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