Pacific West Academy: Duties Of An Executive Protection Agent

An executive protection agent is one who performs missions and assignments for a client who needs high security. They will make sure you and your family is safe from threats and dangers. The duties of an executive protection agent are extensive. They look into areas requiring security, including home security missions, armed or unarmed vehicles, bodyguards, etc. No doubt, they are highly skilled in their job. Executive protection requires several training courses to ensure they acquire all the necessary skills and tools to efficiently perform their duty.

Many executive protection training centers provide excellent training courses. Pacific West Academy is one that excels in training executive protection agents. You can visit the Pacific West Academy located in San Diego and Los Angeles if you are considering taking executive protection training. With that said, let’s look into duties covered by an executive protection agent. As mentioned earlier, their primary duty is to provide security and protection to their clients. They also perform surveillance operations. Executive protection agents will make sure to keep proper surveillance during your business proceedings or even around your home surroundings.

They will ensure safe business conduct and secured travel. Executive protection agents will also perform advance planning and threat assessment. By assessing the probability of a threat, they will ensure no disruptions occur in future events. They are also skilled at defensive tactics, so you don’t have to worry about traveling to places when you are under executive protection. Executive protection agents will guard you during your travels, ensuring high-level security. They will listen to your requests and try to manage security precautions effectively.

Other duties of executive protection also include performing medical operations and responding to emergency situations. They will make sure to report every activity to the clients, including reports of incidents, medical reports, administrative reports, and requirements, etc. So the given above are some of the many duties covered by executive protection agents. If you think you and your family or organization is under threat because of some reasons, consider hiring executive protection, and you don’t have to worry about security measure.

Make sure you master the basics of advance and operational function, Microsoft office, AED, GPS, and firearms. In addition, you need to work in your guts and decision. No amount of training and course applications is going to help if you lack courage and determination. Try to work on psychological discipline, character, physical, and teamwork. Also, prepare yourself to face the other non-luxurious side of the job. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to handle almost any situation in a systemic fashion besides wearing expensive clothes and travel in luxurious vehicles.

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